Particle Productions – Work Samples

1) We just completed a feature documentary called,THE SHOW’S THE THING: THE LEGENDARY PROMOTERS OF ROCK. It’s the story of the handful of characters who created the rock and roll concert tour! In this scene Carlos Santana shares his experiences at the Fillmore West:

Here’s an article about the film that appeared in The Guardian before our premiere at DOC NYC:


2) This film was made for North Carolina State University about their spectacular library of the future:


3) We’ve made over a dozen films about art collectors around the world. Welcome to the Obayashi Collection in Tokyo:


4) This film takes us into an intensive course on senior management at Columbia Business School. We made about 30 films for their various programs.


5) For the last few years we’ve made films for National Audubon Society that celebrate their yearly award winners:


6) We spent a week in Cuba making this short film for our friend Pedro Ruiz who is the associate artistic director for Ballet Contemporaneo de Camaguey, Cuba: