Columbia’s MBA application now requires an essay on our “Community” video

One of the videos we made for the Columbia MBA program is now included in their new application. Prospective candidates are asked to view the video and write about why they would like to be part of the Columbia community. This is a wonderful use of video in general. And for us, we couldn’t be more delighted that a video we made two years ago is continuing to provide value for our client.

And here’s the actual application page found on the Columbia MBA website.

And here’s the Community at Columbia video. You can also see it on the Columbia MBA page¬†along with several other videos we made for the MBA program.


Below is a page from a Poets & Quants, a site that tracks MBA programs internationally.

Oh by the way, a Quant refers to someone who does quantitative analysis. It’s also a pole used to propel a barge or punt, but that’s another matter.